TheBadge Welcomes 2024

Agustin Pane

Agustin Pane

Co-Founder of The Badge

January 4th, 2024


As we bid farewell to the remarkable year that was 2023, TheBadge reflects on the journey that unfolded, an astonishing tapestry woven with dedication, hard work, and a pace that transcends the conventional. It was not just about the tasks at hand; it was about laying the foundation for a future destined for success.

A Year of Unprecedented Work

In TheBadge’s history, 2023 will be remembered as a year that defied expectations. The team’s relentless efforts, moving at an extraordinary speed, encompassed more than just coding. Legal intricacies, design finesse, user experience, networking, fundraising — each piece played a crucial role in the grand mosaic of building a Web3 project.

The accomplishments achieved throughout the year often felt surreal, almost dreamlike in their rapid succession.The highlights include:

🏆 Completion of the White Paper
👉 It took more than 3 months to lay out the idea in the whitepaper, which needs continuous updates.

🏆 Participation in the Kleros Incubation Program
👉 Securing the first Angel investment
👉 Co-working with other Founding teams in Lisbon for three months.

🏆 Coding the foundation of the protocol
👉 The development team was able to crash it during the past 12 months to code, smart contracts, front-end, and the back-end of the project!

🏆 Crafting and unveiling TheBadge’s unique project identity
👉 TheBadge’s designers created a unique identity and logo for the project. They managed to put all concepts into a symbol that carries TheBadge’s vision, mission, and values.

🏆 Forging partnerships with nearly 10 projects from diverse niches
👉 The networking that took place in the last 12 months was incredible! A lot of people were able to contribute with a connection that then led to the next, and the next and the next! This was truly helpful during the market validation period as well as the crafting of the project.

🏆 Successful testing of the Dapp with initial users
👉 The users and the community are the backbone of any Web2 or Web3 project . Being able to onboard the first testers and get their feedback was more than valuable. We are deeply thankful to all early contributors for their time and openness to participate in the initial steps of TheBadge.

👉 Three Open-source events have been held , where people decided to contribute to the protocol in hopes of winning a bounty. More than 20 people participated in the events contributing with an open-source audit, deploying a subgraph on Polygon, and a meme competition.

While this list merely scratches the surface, it exemplifies the magnitude of the strides taken in 2023.

Ready for the Future

After doing the groundwork, TheBadge stands strong to charge into 2024 with unwavering enthusiasm. The upcoming milestones are the next steps that will firmly place TheBadge on the global map:

1. Launching TheBadge🚀

This is planned for Q1 of 2024, the final details are being polished as the backbone is already solid. A successful launch will be done soon

2. Initiating our Fundraising efforts📈

After a long time of tough crypto market conditions, venture capitals are ready to find the gems that have made it through the bear market. TheBadge has shown that it has what it takes to withstand any market condition. We will initiate our Seed round in Q1 2024.

3. Acquiring the first 10k users 🙋🏻‍♂️

This comes with doubling the efforts on the community management side, branding and working on the best user experience possible.

4. Growing Partnerships 🤝

The launch of the Dapp together with continuous attendance to crypto events we expect the partnerships to continue growing , as the usage and exposure of the brand increases.

“We close 2023 very thankful and motivated for all the lessons learned in only 12 months. We look forward with determination to do whatever it takes for this project to flourish and succeed in 2024. ” — Agustin Pane, TheBadge’s Co-Founder and CEO

As we propel forward at lightning speed, the future unfolds with promises of strength, magic, and unprecedented growth. TheBadge extends an invitation to all — join us on this exciting journey as we collectively tackle the milestones that lie ahead.

Dear Family, let’s keep moving forward!

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