Decentralized certification platform

TheBadge is a decentralized certification platform. It provides users the opportunity to tokenize information from the real world in the form of certifications (badges). These badges are verified and validated by the community, which decides what should be accepted and what not.


A platform that certifies information in a decentralized way.
Generates certifications (badges) based on the provided criteria and evidence.
Each badge will require evidence to be issued.
Curators will be rewarded for auditing and flagging fraudulent badges.
Why we need decentralized certifications
To ensure that our initiatives to attract more people to the crypto ecosystem are fruitful, we must make the ecosystem trustworthy. To create a decentralized future, having accurate information is essential. If we as a decentralized community entrust all verification duty only to centralized entities, the entire ecosystem will suffer the consequences of bad actors' wrongdoings.
Become a curator

What are curators

Curators are members of TheBadge's decentralized community who verify the authenticity of certifications. They carefully review the evidence provided for each badge and can raise challenges if they detect any irregularities. If the curators successfully expose a fraudulent badge, they will be rewarded for their efforts.
Providing incentives for curators to review the evidence and raise challenges when necessary carefully, helps to ensure that only deserving candidates receive badges and protects the reputation and integrity of the certifications.
Earn by becoming a curator
1. Badge request
Whenever a badge request is submitted, the curators will be notified and given a certain amount of time to review the evidence provided.


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Community Badges

Represent real-world information in the form of blockchain-based certifications. To obtain a badge, users must provide evidence and pass through TheBadge's curation process, where our community of curators will review and verify the authenticity of the evidence.
For example, a web3 company can apply to get a proof of reserves certification. People from the community can then always verify that this process is transparent.
How it works
1. Choosing a certificate
The user selects the badge they are interested in obtaining. Each badge type will require the submission of specific proof or evidence to certify that they have the right to claim it
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Third-party Badges

Also known as "Blockchain certifications as a service". These are badges generated and backed by a public or private entity. Entities that are willing to generate these badges have to be registered on the platform before they can start emitting them.
For example, an online courses platform could become a third-party entity of TheBadge, by doing so, it will be able to grant its certifications on-chain without having to develop its own mechanism.
How it works
1. Registering as a third-party entity
First, the entity has to register within the platform submitting information such as name, description, logo, etc.
Become a creator

What are creators

As a badge creator on TheBadge's platform, you can design and publish custom badges that other users can apply for to certify real-world information. Set the price for the badges you create and receive a share of the fee when users apply for and receive them.
For example, a notary from a certain country knows how to verify necessary documents in a compliance process from that country. By using TheBadge, they could use that knowledge to verify those documents on the Blockchain and generate income from them.
Earn by becoming a creator
1. Creating new badges
To earn money by creating a badge, the creator will need to define the information and evidence that a badge requester will need to provide.


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