TheBadge’s Rebranding

Federico Madoery

Federico Madoery

Co-Founder of The Badge

November 14th, 2023

TheBadge’s Rebranding: A Journey of Identity and Innovation


We’re thrilled to take you behind the scenes of an exciting chapter in TheBadge’s story —our logo’s rebranding . For the past 1.5 years, we’ve proudly sported a traditional certification stamp as our symbol. This emblem has been the face of TheBadge since our inception, symbolizing trust and authenticity. However, as we began to attend various events, valuable feedback started pouring in. It became apparent that our previous logo, though rooted in tradition, was confusing. People were mistaking us for other projects, prompting us to reconsider our visual identity.

After weeks of intense research and countless design iterations, our talented team of designers unveiled our new logo — a masterpiece born out of innovation. Picture a circular emblem, a bar, and a dot in the center. The two colored circle resembles both worlds, the off-chain world on the outside, and the on-chain world on the inside. The bar on top of the dot represents the balance and righteousness of the protocol. At the center of it all is the dot, resembling an eye — the oracle. This also represents the eye of our vigilant curators. They tirelessly ensure that every piece of data entering the blockchain through TheBadge is nothing but verifiable truth.

Take a look at the logo construction process:


This is the new logo with its fascinating colors, and if you wish to see more make sure you check our branding book :


In conclusion, this rebranding journey is more than just a visual transformation. It’s a commitment to clarity, uniqueness, and a relentless pursuit of excellence in data quality. We’re not just changing our logo; we’re evolving our identity to better reflect our mission. TheBadge’s new logo is a statement — a statement that we are here, clear, and committed to providing the blockchain with nothing but the best.

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