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Agustin Lombardi

Agustin Lombardi

Business Dev of The Badge

March 28th, 2024

TheBadge is Part of Avalanche’s CodeBase Incubation Program


TheBadge has been selected to join Avalanche’s CodeBase incubation program. This collaboration is a noteworthy step for TheBadge, placing it at the heart of innovation in the tokenization of Real World Assets. With its promising technology and approach, TheBadge caught the attention of some of the leading names in the blockchain world, leading to its inclusion in this prestigious program. TheBadge also aligns with the long-term strategic vision of Avalanche, which is onboarding the best RWA protocols in Web3. This partnership marks a pivotal moment for TheBadge, positioning it at the forefront of the rapidly expanding web3 ecosystem.

The support from Avalanche’s CodeBase signifies a bright future for TheBadge, offering an unparalleled opportunity to tap into a wealth of knowledge and resources.

Avalanche’s CodeBase incubation program stands out for its commitment to nurturing the next wave of web3 pioneers. In its first season, the program draws on the expertise of mentors from both Web2 and Web3 backgrounds, culminating in a standout pitch day at the Consensus event on May of this year. This platform allows CodeBase participants to showcase their projects to an audience of influential Web3 investors, a milestone event for any emerging company in the blockchain space.

Being part of the CodeBase program is about more than just the opportunity to grow for TheBadge—** it’s a gateway to invaluable mentorship and a collaborative community . The program’s structure is designed to propel projects like TheBadge forward, guided by the insights of seasoned professionals in the blockchain industry. This mentorship is crucial for navigating the complexities of web3 and making impactful strides in the development and application of blockchain technologies.

The Incubator already started 🚀

The program kicked off with a vibrant start last week in Lisbon, bringing together founders, mentors, and the CodeBase team. This initial meet-up was not just about introductions; it was a critical moment for setting ambitious goals and starting the collaborative journey. It highlighted the program’s community-centric approach, laying the groundwork for a supportive and dynamic environment where innovative ideas can thrive. Medium-Image

As TheBadge progresses with the backing of Avalanche’s CodeBase incubation program, it’s an exciting time for everyone involved in the blockchain and cryptocurrency sectors. This partnership not only underscores TheBadge’s potential to transform the tokenization landscape but also highlights the importance of collaboration in driving the blockchain industry forward. With the upcoming Consensus pitch, the blockchain community eagerly awaits the innovative solutions and advancements that TheBadge, supported by the resources and mentorship of the CodeBase program, will bring to the table.

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